Friday, October 14, 2011

Juice Detox Finished

I made it!  Day 5 was yesterday and I didn't eat a single solid food for 5 days!  I started out at 142.6 and weighed in at 136.8 today.  I lost 6 lbs in 5 days, detoxed a lot of toxins out of my system and gained energy while doing it.  I put on a pair of jeans that usually fit with a little suck in, and I can now pull them off without unbuttoning them!  This morning, for breakfast, I was surprisingly not that interested in food.  If it weren't for the fact that tonight is my "birthday" party (week early), I feel I could have kept juicing for another five days! Am I still going to juice?  OH YEAH!  I have a juice next to me as I write this, (2 fennel bulbs and 2 pears, soooooooooo yummy!), and I plan on having at least one juice a day for the micro-nutrients that our bodies need!
Day 3 and 4, did I mention I broke out?  I broke out as if I was 15 again!.  Zits were popping up every where, and not little ones, but huge ones, with zits under them.  Zits on top of zits.  I'm not making this up.  It was disturbing. It was as if my body as pushing out toxins through acne. Is that possible?  They are gone, or healing, thank goodness, but very interesting to say the least.  I am in a group on Facebook that is juicing only in October, and one man broke out in hives for the first time.  This made total sense to me.  When I eat dairy, my body creates hives because dairy is a toxin in my body and can't digest it, so it tries to come out through my skin.  This man in my group had the same thing going on, toxins trying to get out, so his body created hives.  Doesn't this make you want to get rid of your toxins??  haha.. okay it sounds a bit horrible, but after the toxins are out, you feel so much better.  Its like going to get your car oil changed, and filters checked.  Everything is clean inside!
Day 5 was my energy day.  After Spanish class, and even a little before, I had a lot of energy.  Like the kind of energy I had when I was 14 and was super silly with Kasey Kelly making weird noises and jumping off walls... I'm not kidding.  I called Terry and I think he got a good laugh at my voice mail as I was super chatter box in it.  I only had three juices by then, so about 800 calories... not what I would have felt had I ate 800 calories of bread, processed foods, meat, etc.
Would I do this again?  Yes.  Do I encourage others to try it?  YES!!!  The first few days are hard, but then its just easy! Yes there are difficult food triggers, like grocery shopping or being out with friends, or being social at all!!  But you just have to make a decision to stick with it.  I walked into the grocery store yesterday to get food for today and I happened to walk into the bakery part.  I looked at that food not as "ooooh my goodness look how yummy everything looks" but instead "That cupcake is not even an option, eating that will make me sick and feel bad".  I chose to make my brain not think it's good and I walked away not even thinking of looking back.
If anyone wants to try it, or has questions, or needs tips on recipes, please feel free to ask.  I might do a 15 day detox with solid fruits and veggies, as well as juices in November.  5 days is the minimum.... but it's a good start to see if this is something for you.
Eat well, live well!


ps.  Might I also add that my mental health through this process was GREAT!!  No depression, even though I wasn't following the steps of the Depression Cure for the five days.  Researchers say that food can be a factor when it comes to depression.  Just sayin'.

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