Saturday, October 1, 2011

October me all over

I love October.  I heart October.  I less than three October. The fall colors, red, orange, yellow and brown, the fresh cold air of Autumn, the darker days and even the nasty storms. I love the pumpkins, Halloween, the smells, and warm sweaters. October soothes my soul. It's the time of year when I get to see family again, move to a place I love, travel the world (sometimes), and up my age by a year.  I make sure that everyday in October I do something fun, relaxing, exciting, cause I just LOVE this month!  So to start off October 2011, I ran a 5K.  Here's the part where you think I will tell you that it was awesome, and WOW, I feel amazing... but that would be one big fat LIE.  I got a side ache within the first two minutes, that did not give up, and I struggled the entire way to the finish line, finishing 4 minutes slower than my last 5K two months ago.  But on the happier side, I took 2nd place in the adult women's division. Yeah Me!
After the run, Terry, Matt and I went for a walk around Ward Lake. There recently was flooding around the lake, so the smell wasn't the nice cold fresh air of southeast Alaska that I was hoping to smell.  Instead it reeked of dead fish.... it was pretty gross.  But it was worth it because today was such a gorgeous first day of October here in Ketchikan, and despite my lazy 5K, and smelly fish, I wasn't letting anything bring Oct. 1st down.
The best part of my day was my niece, Avery, coming over for dinner.  Mom baked three pans of salmon in three different styles; brown sugared, teriyaki, and lemon/onion.  All tasted delicious.  Then the rest of the night, I cooed and awed at Avery.  I just can't get enough of her.
What a great start to an always awesome month!

My first time meeting Avery.

Avery Jayne

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