Saturday, January 31, 2015

What is happening in my body?

As most of you know, I do not get squirmy when it comes to matters of the body. However, what happened yesterday was disgusting. Why was it disgusting? I'll tell you a bit later in this long blog about digestion. We had a workshop on the colon, what we are trying to do while we are here, how toxins hurt our digestive system and how to do the enema. Let me just say that I hope that everyone is able to do a cleanse at least once in their lifetime. This retreat I'm doing is the most intense and full on cleanses one can do for themselves. I'm 99% sure, by the end of the retreat, that all my digestive problems and, hopefully, my esophagus issues will be cured. I'm going to be much lighter, have more energy, clearer skin, and be glowing. They did take a before picture, and will take an after pic so I can prove it.

So what is it we are doing? Listen up folks, because this is good stuff. If you want to skip all the details and get the gist, scroll down to bottom where the text gets big.

Our digestive system starts with smell. We smell a pie baking, or see the food and smell it under our nose. The digestive system has now kicked in, and our mouths salivate, creating enzymes that break down our food in our mouth. The most important thing when trying to digest our food properly is to SLOOOOW DOWN, and CHEW your food. 20 chews per bite to be exact. This allows us to break down our food so that in our stomach the acids help digests it easier. When we start eating, our stomach produces a gastric acid called Hydrochloric acid, HCL. Many people are deficient in HCL, because of many factors. One could be not chewing your food properly, another could be fast food diets, or prescription drugs. There is an interesting article on HCL here. Another reason for a depleted HCL is heart burn. People with heart burn don't have a lot of this acid (this would be me) because they aren't chewing enough. The bigger the pieces of food are in our stomach, the more the HCL is working, and then depleted, and then HEART BURN! I eat my lunches sometimes in less than five minutes. I even choked on half a strawberry because I didn't chew it, and it got lodged in my throat. Lexy, from Ketchikan, was there to save me with the Heimlich, scary stuff. If you, or anyone you know is suffering from heart burn, and you want to try to heal your gut without going to a retreat, you can at least start by drinking 1/2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 2 tsp of water in the morning. It will help your HCL levels get back to normal. If you follow a raw diet, or meat diet, it's something you should add, because raw foods, and meat are hard to digest. But remember, chew your food kids... its the best thing you can do for your digestive system.

After you have chewed your food and all those tiny chewed up pieces are in your tummy, they start to get broken down. The magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. get absorbed in your blood stream by traveling through the cellular walls of our intestines. Think of cellular walls as perfect blocks, with no holes or leaks, on top of each other, like legos, but spongy. The nutrients goes through the cells into our blood stream, BUT if we are eating something toxic to our bodies, if that's dairy for you, or sugar, or McDonalds, over time those cellular walls break down and mucous is produced. If we were to vary our diet more, this wouldn't happen as often. We tend to walk into the grocery store, pick all our favorites, and walk out. I ate eggs, peanut butter, and toast almost everyday for years. Guess what my system is refusing to digest; eggs, peanuts, and yeast. Those don't seem toxic at all, but after six plus years of eating the same thing, my body is saying, "woa, lady, eat something else!" The mucous that is produced from those toxins, will act like a cut on the arm, it will be soft at first, but then it turns into a scab. As you continue to eat the same foods everyday that are hurting you, that scab is like tar on your cellular wall. It doesn't scrape off that easily. How is the nutrients supposed to get through the walls now with a big mucous scab covering it? No wonder we are all sick. None of our food is nourishing us the way we think it's going to.

So in a nutshell: Person eats bad food, bad food creates mucous, over time that turns into a scab. No nutrients get through cellar walls because of mucous scab, and then person gets sick because no nutrients.

Our end goal here at NIH is to remove the mucous from our walls. We drink four detox drinks a day. We also do two enemas a day. What is in the shakes are Bentonite Clay, which absorbs everything, such as, toxins, mucous, crap, even medicine, and also in the shakes is Psyllium Husk, which helps us feel full, as well as grabbing toxins and putting all the crap together like matter. To make them drinkable, they add a little bit of juice, and coconut water. The enema helps to flush all that matter out. If you want to see what that stuff looks like, just google Mucoid Plaque. It usually always is like a rope, you can't break it, and it smells horrific. If you haven't ever done a cleanse and grew up not eating the best foods for you, you're gonna have it coming out of you, but it will take time. That is why I am here for 14 days, getting rid of mucoid plaque and parasites.

Which brings me to the topic of parasites. Many have asked how this zapping works. It's a small device that you attach to both your wrists. Seven minutes it zaps your body, and then 20 minutes of nothing. This happens for an hour. The zaps don't kill the parasites, but it's enough to get them out of their little hiding places and close to the matter that the Psyllium and clay are making. The host Lola, during her first cleanse, didn't have any parasites the entire time she cleansed until the last day when she did her colon cleanse, a big 6 inch worm came out. um, YUCK!
Zapping at 5 am!

Many people think mucoid plaque and parasites are a hoax. Many professional doctors too. And those doctors are probably funded by Pepto, or some other digestive drug. It's just like kidney stones, or gall stones, some people get them, some don't, but that doesn't make it a hoax. Did you know that almost all medical programs at universities to become a doctor don't have one nutrition class, and if they do, it's an elective?! It's true! That to me speaks volumes. If you go to the doctor for a disease, or medical problem, and they don't ask you what you have been eating, go to another doctor.

So enema time, the fun part. When we are doing the enemas, also later the colonoscopy, and Liver flush, not only are we making ourselves squeaky clean, but emotions will come out. Lola talked about how when you hold on to something, resentment or anger, it will be released too. You might cry, you might feel lighter, you might feel relieved. If someone is holding onto a lot, they probably are experiencing constipation as well. Also the expression, "listen to your gut" makes sense to me because our gut is like our brain in health. Whenever I'm stressed or in a bad situation, my gut gets upset, and it lets me know by the pains it gives me. I had a friend who was dating, and every boy she dated she was constipated, but then when she met her husband, she could poop with ease. They are happily married couple, living in Alaska, and pooping comfortably.

Okay, so back to the disgusting part of my day. I did an enema. This consists of sticking a tube up your b-hole and allowing a bag of water to flow in. Then for 5 - 15 minutes, you jump around and massage your stomach to get things moving and agitated in the intestines. That is the hard part. You know that feeling when you HAVE to go, most commonly called Irritable Bowl Syndrome. You get hot, and your stomach cramps, you have the chills, and you run to the toilet. Well that's what it feels like, except you have to at least try to get to five minutes. I did exactly five. And what came out of me was the most horrific glob of green goo I have ever seen. You put a colander in the toilet to catch it, to analyze it, etc., and the colander was full. My stomach felt sick for a good hour afterward, and they said that it will eventually go away the more I get the crap out. I did take a picture, but it's too disgusting to show. No mucoid plaque came out that I could see, but it was still pretty nasty!

Here are a few pictures of the retreat location:

Commons room
TV, Library in commons rooms
This is the main walk way to everything!
Yoga and Meditation Hut

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