Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Natural Instinct Healing

Detoxing is hard. It's day two here of smoothies and broths, which is our transition into the 10 day fasting detox. I'm grateful for these two days. It has allowed us to start shrinking our stomachs, and going through the emotions of not putting food in our mouths. I can't imagine just going straight into the fast. The daily schedule also keeps us busy, so that we aren't thinking so much of how hungry we are. Today has been lovely, but not easy. The day started for me at 5:30am. Yes... I know, big SHOCK here, but I attribute it to the rooster next to my room and jet lag. I meditated and read until the scheduled events started at 8 am. 
  • 8am Juice & activated B tablet
  • 8:30am Walk through the rice paddies (exercise)
  • 10am Liquid Breakfast - Papaya smoothie
  • Dry skin brushing
  • 11am Sauna/steam and cold baths - Get super hot, and then dip yourself in cold water. 
  • 1pm Liquid Lunch (Pineapple and cucumber frothy drink)
  • 2pm Massage
  • Parasite Zapping - This is pretty awesome, but also disgusting. Basically we are killing the parasites in our system and then later going to see them come out of us. The process doesn't hurt and it takes an hour. After doing the zapping every day for a week, or more, you'll start to see the results, or not. Everyone is different. One host said she had a six inch worm come out of her. Ewwwwww!!! Don't worry, I'll take pictures.
  • 3pm Coconut Water (optional)
  • 4:30pm Juice
  • 5:30pm Meditation
  • 6pm Liquid Dinner
  • 7:30pm Digestive Tablet 
You also need to drink two or more liters of water, one cup of the tea of the day, one cup of this water they put stuff? in, 10 minutes of breath awareness, self reflect and meditation, and a few personal things that are different for each person here.
Not so bad, right?
Tomorrow is where things will get interesting. Here is what an average day of the fasting will look like.
  • 7am Detox Shake and Enema - When I say shake, it's not a smoothie. It's a bad tasting, bentonite clay drink, with psyllium husk, little bit coconut water and juice (very little).
  • 8:30am Detox herbs (droplets) and exercise (usually yoga, rice paddy walks, swimming)
  • 10am Detox Shake
  • 10:30am - Some days we have a workshop at this time.
  • Dry Skin Brushing
  • 11:30 Detox Herbs
  • 1pm Detox Shake
  • 1:30pm Parasite Zapping
  • 2:30pm Detox Herbs
  • 10 minutes of Breath Awareness
  • 3pm Massage (not everyday)
  • 4pm Detox Shake and Enema
  • 4:30pm One on One session with specialists (Reiki, diet guide, energy work, etc.)
  • 6pm Detox Herbs & Broth
  • 7pm Documentary (not every night)
  • 7:30 Detox Shake (optional) and Detox Tablet
Workshops include: Colonic & Digestive System, Nutrition, Break Fast, Raw Food Kitchen Class
We also have the option to nap, watch movies, sit by the pool (although its been raining everyday), play games, etc. The hosts, Lola and Becky, have really made it feel like our home for the next two weeks.
Pictures have been taken, but getting them to upload to the ipad, or blog, either takes an hour, or fails.  So I'm sorry there isn't much here. This is rice paddies in their off season. They have a water system that isn't used anywhere else in the world. Small canals deliver water from temples of Bali, blessed by the priesthood. The water system is called Subak, and you can read about it here. But in a nutshell, water flows to all the farms, and when the farmer doesn't need anymore water, he/she puts mud to block off the ever flowing water. Woman and men work in the rice fields. Women, however, do most of the hard labor. If there is a project that needs rocks, women carry them on their head. Lola, one of the hosts, saw a women carrying a full sized dining table with four chairs on the top, all on her head. Craziness.


Everyone rides scooters here. Everyone! They also drive on the other side of the street than the USA. They honk a lot, don't go too fast, and never stay in the lines. Crossing the street is scary especially since I keep looking left, instead of right. *gulp

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