Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dear Body

To My Loyal and Gracious Body, 

From this moment forward, I vow to take care of you, so that you can take care of me. I will feed you with organic, nutritious, local foods, treat you with compassion and affirmations, and water you religiouslyI will listen to you more, to understand your needs and wants, so that we may feel healthier and energetic. I will read labels, protecting you from ingredients that agitate you, and nourish not only you physically, but spiritually.

When I do put energy in you, I will focus on the act of eating, instead of multi-tasking, or distracting my thoughts on my phone, or TV. I will eat until I am full, not eat to empty my plate, or because it "looks so good!" I will bless our food with affirmations and good thoughts. I will chew my food mindfully, and vary my diet.

Instead of Perfectionist Self-talk, I will speak to you from Healthy Striving Self-talk, accepting my imperfections and loving you just the way you are. I will not blame you, or speak to you with critical words. Even when my skin gets old and wrinkly, and my joints do not function like they used to, I will embrace you and our old age. The only opinion that matters about you, is my opinion.

I will rejoice in my abilities of being able-bodied. Thank you for your strength and stamina to run races, do yoga, take a dance class, to sweat! Thank you for helping me to climb mountains, swim in oceans, feel warmth from the sun, hear birds in the wild, see the the beauty of Mother Earth, and to pick up and squeeze my niece and nephew with a loving heart. I will not take any of this for granted. Thank you.

I promise to surround myself with positive energy, like-minded individuals, and non-toxic environments. I will remove myself from situations that only create havoc on us. I will meditate to fill your spirit with peace, awareness, and joy. I will set an intention everyday, such as to work with ease, find my happy in the day, or to rest. I will be present. I will be mindful and aware of your emotions. On days where I feel sad, angry, and/or tired, I will respect those emotions and not hold them in to grow inside, but rather, let them out so that my soul can heal. I will forgive myself when I find I have slipped up, or at fault. I will not do things to satisfy others, or to fit the mold, but instead, do things I genuinely want to do, with love. I will laugh more, cry more, sing more, scream more, smile more.

From this moment on, I know in my heart that you are doing your best for me, and that my decisions reflect your abilities. We are a team. You and I, to the end.

Your biggest fan,


I wrote this letter to myself, after reading this one on Elephant Journal. I took some of her words because I loved them so much.