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Day 5-7 of detoxing

the after 30 part....

Posted: 03 Feb 2015 12:43 AM PST
Day seven. Half way point. The last two days were my hardest. I awoke on day five exhausted with a rash on my chest, a 14 year old face of acne, along with my chest and back, and two canker sores. I haven't had a canker sore since college (2001), when I used to get them during finals week, aka stress week. I was also nauseous yesterday morning and a bit homesick. Being away from everyone during Super Bowl was a bit hard for me. Super Bowl is like a holiday, and I felt like I was missing out. I was feeling so ill that I just laid on the couch and watched NFL updates on my phone, and read family texts coming in about the game. Later Lola asked how I was doing and I just broke down crying...not my finest moment, but understandable, I have no food in me!!! I had skipped my morning enema that morning, and she said "Ya know, I bet you anything, during tonight's enema you will have a big release because of these emotions." She was right. I let out mucoid plaque for the first time. Gross, slimy, green, long rope. It was so disgusting yet so satisfying. It felt like an adrenaline rush. I had a lot of energy afterwards, even danced in the shower.

Today I feel amazing, lots of energy and a good mood, but a gross taste in my mouth that won't go away. I brush my teeth about four times a day. Toxins are coming out through my skin and gums. My enema this morning was just as big as last night. I seriously wish I could weigh this stuff, because I'm betting that at least five to seven pounds has come out of me in just four enemas. It's rather disgusting to look at and smell, but really interesting!! I'm so glad I'm getting all that sh*t out!

Two days ago I had a one on one session with Lola about nutrition. I used to think that I ate somewhat healthy, but after going over my diet, Lola pointed that I'm really not getting enough nutrients. Wasa bread? There is nothing in that, and I was eating it everyday with "kind of" unprocessed Turkey. She gave me some great pointers, and showed me some awesome cook books. Guess this means I'm going to start cooking now on a regular basis. She also taught a nutritional workshop yesterday. It has been such an amazing learning experience here. Not just about my diet, but about what we NEED to be putting into our bodies, and what we should run away from. We go have sushi at a sushi place, but do we know where that sushi came from? Is it 1,000 miles away, or 50 miles away? Depending on that answer, could mean a parasite or two.

As a runner, I learned that I'm not even getting half of the amount of protein I need in a day. Her rule of thumb is 1gram of protein for every kilogram you weigh. That's about 63 grams of protein a day for me. (Use google to convert your weight in lbs to kg and you have your daily protein goal.) Most people think of meat when protein comes up, which is a complete protein. If you are only eating meat as your source of protein, that's probably not the best route, because meat is acidic and too much of it can cause cancer. You can make a complete protein with two incomplete proteins, which allows us to get the protein we need without eating so much meat. Grains & Legumes can make a complete protein, for example, tofu with vegetables, rice with lentils, pasta and chickpeas, dahl and rice. Nuts & seeds with legumes are another example of making a complete protein, such as, chickpeas and hummus, tofu and sesame.

How food digests in our body was another topic she addressed. Eating a steak right before dinner is not going to make your stomach feel nice in the morning. Your digestive system just can't handle all that meat. People who are doing enemas here, will find pieces of steak in their enema, like the same size piece that they put in their mouth (and apparently thought they chewed, but didn't!) Nothing happened to it, because your digestive system is saying "Woa!! This is too hard! Stop eating a half rack in one sitting!" She also suggests that a few days a week going completely vegetarian. My goal:
fish 3x's a week, chicken 1x a week, eggs 1x a week, red meat 1x a week, and vegetarian 1x a week.

Lola couldn't stress enough that you need to vary your diet. Too much of anything can be a bad thing, that includes healthy foods. I wrote about this in my past blog, but my diet is usually the same everyday. Hence the reason I am allergic to all my favorite foods. This is NOT permanent though, especially after this detox. I plan on having my blood tested again to analyze the difference.

Let's see. What else. There has been so much learning and activities! Yoga, sauna and cold baths (shock the system), group meditation, sun bathing, swimming, documentaries, and massages. This morning we went on a bike ride at six in the morning. The streets get busy about 7:30am, so we were trying to avoid the traffic by starting so early. The people here in Bali don't drive too fast, but they drive out of the lines, and kind of crazy, passing people, super close to other drivers, etc. The lanes are also tiny in some areas, mostly for the scooters, but cars will be on there taking up the entire road. In a way, it's kind of beautiful, like a dance, but I'm sure some people get their toes stepped on. Anyway, the bike ride was sooo stunning. Just beautiful. We saw 5-6 guys (14-16 year olds) butt naked bathing in a creek, and well.. having a good time! They were laughing loud, and splashing water at each other. It was quiet foreign actually. Not even two minutes later we passed a woman holding her sarong up and squatting to either pee or poop in another creek (or maybe the same one?) I saw an elderly woman blessing her home. They bless their home three times a week, and hand make baskets with offerings to the Gods. Most of the offerings are the most they can afford, like flowers, and crackers. (See picture below). Rice paddies, mountains in the distance, markets, temples, school kids in their uniforms, stray dogs, green, green, green. It was a lovely morning.

Our workshop today was on Conscious Cleaning, meaning what we believe will become true. We can have 10 people look at an illusion, and all have different experiences. That's because all of us are different, with different back grounds, and different beliefs. We cannot see the world as it is. We can only see the world as we are, meaning we can only see the world the way we know how from our beliefs and experiences. Our bodies are incredible when it comes to belief. Our cells have memory. For example, if we think of an experience 10 years ago that we felt a lot of shame from, and as we think about that situation or event happening, our bodies will start feeling that shame all over again. Why does it do that? Because our cells remember that feeling and thinks we are having a shameful experience right now!! Not ten years ago. Some documentaries she suggested to watch are "What the Bleep Do We Know", or "Placebo: Mind Over Medicine" (spendy one, hard to find, but maybe used on amazon?)

I'll leave you with one thought to ponder. Have you ever heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto "Water, Consciousness, and Intent"? (Youtube it). In a not-so-detailed synopsis. He took water, and put some in one jar and the rest in another. The first jar he said the most loving things to it, and thought of memories of loving times, and shared his joy with the water. The second jar, he would tell hateful things to it, negative memories, and angry words. He then took some of the water out of each jar, and put it under a microscope. The water he loved, was gorgeous, symmetrical, full of color, radiating joy. The water he was negative too, had no symmetry and looked like vomit. Becky, the host, pointed out that WE ARE 80% WATER! What are we telling ourselves! Our inner critic is our worst critic. Start loving yourself, have compassion for others, and believe that good things will happen. Thoughts become things folks, choose the good ones!

These kind of offerings are everywhere, sidewalks, outside homes, in homes, in cars, EVERYWHERE!
Sunrise with Bali mountains
A temple
Behind me a mediation cave that was carved out in the 12th century. I can't remember the man who carved it out, but legend says he did it with his finger nails, which is why you sometimes see Indonesians have one or two long finger nails, that and for Balinese Dancing.

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