Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Total Transformation - 14 Day Detox


7.2 kilo. 15.8 lbs... let's just round up here and say 16, yeah? All from my intestines... mostly. All 12 of my enemas were a success, meaning disgusting stuff came out. I estimated that each enema was about 1-2lbs of mucous and mucoid plaque. I also had a colon cleanse. More crap down the tube. And a liver flush, where I passed about 10 gallstones. Do the math people! That weight was mostly from my gut, and now I have a much flatter tummy! YEAH ME!
Before and After

However, I wasn't here for weight loss. I was here to heal my gut, and I'm happy to say that I have. But, in a previous blog, I mentioned that two things happened, and I only told you about the one, the High Priestess. The other was an appointment with a man, Dr. Adolf Brown, D.C. He does Holistic Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, CranioSacral Therapy, and Nutritional Consulting. I went for the kinesiology.

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic system based on muscle testing that can provide information about musculoskeletal pain, digestive problems, immune deficiencies, infections, nutritional status, food allergies, the acupuncture meridian system and much more. By accessing the body's intuition, AK can find the root cause of the chronic health conditions.

I wanted to know about food allergies. Before I left to Bali, I was told I was allergic to eggs, peanuts, tree-nuts, and yeast. All things I ate every day for five plus years. Adolf put me on the table, and had my arm up, resisting the weight he pushed on it, while also touching other parts of the bodies. Peanuts and dairy. That was it. The thing is, it didn't really feel real. I remember thinking "What is this man doing? Making stuff up as he goes along?" However, he noticed when he was testing different systems, that my immune system was weak. So he asked me about antibiotics as a child. I had ear infections almost every month after I was born. I was on antibiotics for the entire first year of my life. I also took them growing up because of strep throat, which I probably had a good 8-10 times. Today, we know that antibiotics kill our bacterial flora in our gut, making it an environment for candida to grow. Too much candida creates problems, even autoimmune diseases. We started to talk about other issues that have been consisted throughout my life. Bloating, gas, sugar cravings, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, food allergies, IBS, acne, hives, hair loss, itchy skin, iron deficiency, dizziness, sinusitis, insomnia, brain fog, hyper irritability, bad memory, PMS, yeast infections..... All symptoms of a Candida overgrowth.

Adolf thinks I've had too much candida my entire life. Which is a HUGE statement to say, because it would explain the mass amounts of problems I have struggled through growing up until now. I took this information back to the retreat, talked to the hosts, and found a quiz in a book to assess if I might have it. Anything over 180 would be a candidate for possible candida overgrowth. I scored 317. Enough said.

So what does this all mean? Candida diet. I'm now officially going to be that girl who sounds like this: "Where did this chicken from from?" - "Is their added sugar?" - "Hold the cashews!" - "What kind of oil was used to make this dish?" - "I'll have a glass of wine...just kidding" - "Corn, no thanks" - "I brought my own mayo and ketchup... no need to bring that to the table" - "Hold the bacon.... yes, that's what i said, NO BACON!" *Sigh I might as well move to Portland.

Here's somewhat of a breakdown of what I can and cannot eat.

Adolf told me to be strict for a good month; very low sugar, very low carbs, no yeast/wheat/gluten. After a month I can slowly bring in some sugar and carbs. Then over a few months, slowly bring in more foods, and test after six months. I have been detoxing for two weeks, but just now guzzled a smoothie that was so purple from fruit yumminess (a no-no in the Candida diet) that I might actually pee purple. The thing is, some people say, "Be super strict." Others say, "Candida will hide in the gut if it's not being fed, so feed it a little, and kill it with herbs", which I take everyday. I have candida cook books on their way to my front door, so that I can put my chef hat on right away, and nourish my body for what it needs now, not what it wants now.

Most doctors in the USA don't even think about Candida overgrowth. I am taking an official test when I get back to the states with Dr. Margie Ikeda, to see if this is all legit inside of me, but my gut says it is, quite literally. If you suspect you might have it, I urge you to look into it further. Google Candida Symptoms, and see if they make sense to you. Find a naturopathic doctor who will take blood, or stool, to test you. A quick home test: When you get up in the morning, fill a glass with water, spit in it. If your spit doesn't sink, don't worry about any of this, but if it sinks and has kind of like stringy looking stuff as it goes down, go see a specialist. Your health is everything.

My first food after a 14 day cleanse!
Today we had our first bite of something. Papaya. It helps to wake up our digestive system. A person asked "Are you going to go out and have a big dinner when you are done? I bet you can't wait to have something sugary, a dessert." The answer: No! For one, I get full just from a smoothie right now, which also taste super sweet to me. If I went out and had a full plate, I would vomit. And two, I don't plan on ever going back to the diet I used to have; high sugar, very little nutrition, on the run, etc. Yes, I will indulge in some sugar, like 88% dark chocolate, or raw chocolate, or maybe even one of my amazing dairy free chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I probably will slip up from time to time. No one is perfect. I am going to take care of this vessel the best that I can. Making lifestyle changes is hard, but doable. This retreat was the best gift I have ever given myself. I urge anyone who struggles with digestion problems, to seek out a retreat that is at least 7-14 days of detox, using bentonite clay and psyllium husk in their detox shakes. Food Matters has a list of detox centers around the world.

Good luck friends and remember: You are what you eat. If you feel sluggish, then stop eating food that makes you sluggish. If you feel sick, stop eating food that makes you sick. VARY YOUR DIET! Chew your food! Be mindful. Rest. Play. And always, "Thoughts become things, choose the good ones." The Universe.

Lola and Becky, aka Life Savers
Becky and Lola The hosts - Thank you ladies! You have helped me transform my life! xxoo