Friday, January 30, 2015

Bali experience

Bali isn't quiet. Ever. Even in the middle of the night, which is a vast difference than Alaska life, where one small hike can put you in a place of no noise. I remember hiking with my Spaniard friend, Marcos, in Skagway to lower lake, a few years ago. He stopped and put his hands up, eye brows raised, and said "Cole, stop, LISTEN!" I immediately thought he heard a wild animal, or some weird bird call. But then he said "It's soooo quiet! You can't hear anything!" For me, that is the way I grew up, but apparently, in other parts of the world, quiet is a luxury.

I thought the noise would be a problem for me, but I am surprisingly enjoying it. Every morning I have a team outside of mostly critters, birds, and roosters, buzzing, tweeting and crowing me out of bed. The rooster is the real eye opener at 4:30 am "Cock a doodle your butt out of bed Cole Doooo"! There is, however, one beetle that is the worst sound ever. It's like having tinnitus, except for it's on the loud speaker and 100 times more annoying. It sounds like some electrical problem, high frequency... and he will buzz for hours, and then pause, making everyone sigh of relief, until 5 seconds later, he starts up again. Other than the beetle, I enjoy the rest of the noise... water flowing, King Fishers calling, other birds I can't identify tweeting, rooster's crowing, etc.

Bali is also plush. Green everywhere. It's their rainy season right now, so we are getting a lot of thunder and tropical rain storms. The retreat's (NIH) atmosphere is more than ideal. I am currently in the commons room, that has no walls, watching the ducks play. Every once and a while I see a Tokay Gecko, which is about the size of a small crocodile. It is more afraid of me than I am of him, but he will crawl around from time to time, jump in the pool, swim, and then go back to his home. NIH has a yoga hut area, meditation room, kitchen, pool, and commons area, which consists of a family size dinner table, bean bags, library, couches, TV and movies. Every area is open air... nothing has a door that shuts behind us and encloses us except our bedrooms. My room is pretty much the most perfect room ever. I have doors that open to a balcony, a writing desk, big closet, large bathroom with a tub, and a bed up on a platform that has a mosquito net. Bali also has a lot of ants, and because everything here doesn't really have walls, ants are everywhere... so don't get too jealous of my adventure haha!

Fasting started yesterday. Today we will get to learn what exactly we are drinking and how it detoxifies us. We also will learn how to do the enemas on ourselves. This part makes me nervous. Not only on how to do them, but what is going to come out of me. They told us that some people would find marbles coming out, or kids toys, that they had swallowed as children. Yikes! I haven't decided yet if I want to share that experience with you all on the blog. It doesn't gross me out one bit, but I know a lot of people share a different opinion than mine when it comes to gross things. I'm mostly curious if I find a parasite. That I will definitely photograph, but most likely will email to those who want to see, and not post on the blog.

I attached a few pictures below of Bali, but the only way I can get them to upload is if I Instagram them first, so many of you have already seen them. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday night!! Don't get too crazy Seattle friends at the Gold Party!! And I want to see lots of pictures!!
The women in Bali do all the hard labor, carrying heavy items on their heads.
Oldest Spa in Ubud, Bali


Anonymous said...

hi Coley! Looks like you're having fun! I look forward to your pictures very interesting country. I'm just wondering what exactly is the zapping they do for the parasites?

Love mom

Janice Hodgson said...

I was also intrigued how you zap parasites if it works it should be used world wide as these tiny critters do so much damage .....but I am so glad you have found some peace keep blogging

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