Friday, August 6, 2010

Removal of a gallbladder.

Someone once told me that my blog is sometimes "too much information" or "borderline inappropriate" (mostly referring to the details of my kidney surgery), but this, my dear readers, is going to exaggerate "too much information" and may even make you gag.  So prepare yourself for what you are about to see.
Last week, my mom, sister and I flew to Seattle for a week of wedding shopping, paddle boarding, movie watching and the removal of my mother's gallbladder!  She had it removed by means of  laparoscopic cholecystectomy (say this with me, "co-lee-sist-eck-toe-mee").  For the last few years, at random occurrences, my mom would have horrible pains in her back and stomach area.  It took the doctors a while to finally figure out that she was suffering from gallstones.  Gallstones as in plural.  I am thinking one or two stones, maybe five tops, (kind of like a kidney).  Ha! Little did I know.  What the doctors pulled out of her belly button (yes, this is the laparoscopic method), then cut and half and took a picture of, was not one or two stones, but instead a bag of peas or lima beans if you will.

The gallbladder is the green area that looks like baby food but grosser.  
It would fit in you cupped hand. 

I sincerely apologize if I grossed anyone out, but I find it fascinating.


Barbie Hull said...

That looks weird... like SAP on a tree..... or I dont' know.... WEIRD!! Thannks for sharing!!!

susanwall said...

WHAT??? Someone actually said your blog was TMI and borderline inappropriate - OMG if I blogged it would kill them!! Comme on people GROW ONE - that's right, I said it, get over yourself, if you can't handle the heat don't bitch about it just get the hell out of the kitchen and leave my Nicholle ALONE!! OH YEAH, this is about your Mom's gallbladder stones!! Personally I LOVE seeing what was in our bodies. My uterus was a sight to behold when I had it removed. I am so thankful everything went so well and she had her girls with her, well minus one - ME!!! Thanks for all you share with us Nicholle. Don't change one single itsy bitsy thing, you be true to who you are and for those who don't like it, stop reading the blog, or read it and keep your nasty little criticisms to yourself. I love you Nicholle, always have, always will!! xoxoxo sue