Sunday, August 22, 2010

Terry came to see ME!

Last weekend Terry came to town to bless us with his silly and energetic self!  We went bike riding, to a drag show (yes a drag show!), dancing, to the park, napped, watched movies, and just had a good relaxing time.  He brought me 6 or so big bags of Pop's Kettle Corn.... which created chaos in my stomach because I couldn't just eat a few handfuls, but instead had to eat the entire bag!  geez... thanks Terry!  But honestly, no complaints.. I really loved having my brother here to visit.  Only it was too short of a trip (okay, one complaint)!!  I wanted him to stay for another week or so! 

Riding bikes with Terry

Getting some refreshing drinks at You Say Tomato

Us hiking up to Lower Reid falls (I say hike like its long, its like 50 feet to the falls)

Devils club!  Just liked the pic.... enjoy!
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Barbie Hull said...

Looks like you two had crazy amounts of fun!! ;0) Love you guys!