Monday, August 9, 2010

Last Saturday was our 'End of the Year Bash'.  We had it earlier then usual because four employees are leaving next week for college and it's only fair that they get to do the fun stuff too!!  It started out at Sockeye Cycle on 5th avenue.  All 13 of us (11 employees and two friends of SMC)  piled into the van and drove up to the summit of the White Pass.  We were given a bike, a helmet, and a rubber band to restrict our pant legs from going into the bike and off we went.  The wind hit our faces so fast and so cold that our eyes dried up and blinking was a must every 2 seconds.  We probably hit up to speeds of 25-30mph going down the pass..... it was a bit scary, but thrilling at the same time!  14 miles later we drove our bikes into Liarsville, where we were greeted by the friendly staff!  We filled our beer glasses, and looked around at the scene.  Liarsville is set up just for tourists in the middle of the woods.  They have a stage area, tents set up to portray 1898 establishments and the musically talented are playing fiddles and banjos.  During the day tourists enjoy reenactments of what it would be like back in the gold rush days.  All of it combined really creates a historical scene in which you feel as if its that time period again.  The all you can eat Salmon bake was so yummy!!  The dessert was so good that I had four pieces (shhh don't tell!)  Here are a few pics of the day. Enjoy! 

SMC 2010 Staff

     Katie & Jared in the fake Saloon                        Julie entering the gift shop

Welcome to Liarsville, Alaska - Elevation 3 feet or so......
Enjoying the yummy food!

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Barbie Hull said...

I LOVE this!!!! Hope you crazy kids had fun!!