Monday, June 6, 2011

Marcos está aquí

Hello friends!

Did I mention that when I flew back from my Oklahoma excursion that I brought a Spaniard in hand?  That's right folks, Marcos Antonio Cruz Diaz made it to Alaska.  What a journey.  From Cadiz, an eight hour bus drive to Madrid, then to New York, courtesy of Mrs. Jodie Chandler, where he had a 3 hour lay over.  At this point, it got a bit frantic, as they flight was over booked and he was flying stand by.  He called me and told me that he was last on the list and that there were no seats.  When I began to tell him what to do next, the call dropped.  Marcos ran out of minutes on his phone.  One minute of an International call uses about 30 minutes of a local call.  I was hoping and praying he would just figure it out.  The reason I worry so much is because Marcos had no credit cards, very little cash and no way of getting a hold of me. I tried to page him in his terminal on the white courtesy phones, which I thought they had gone out of existence, and he didn't pick up. I called Jodie, a little stressed, and she began doing her research.  Apparently, just as they were about to shut the doors, they called out his name and he got on the plane... pppheeeew! THE ONLY SEAT LEFT!!  God was on our side.  26 hours from beginning to end, he finally arrived to the Emerald City.  We spent two days in Seattle and here we are, sitting in my little apartment in Skagway, AK.  A $1950 ticket, which after I put it out in the Universe, got down to $780.  A buddy pass, a mileage ticket (over $840 savings!) and a lot of love from my friends and family ($480 cash raised!), we got the Spaniard to my little haven.
I hope all that donated got his cute thank you cards.  It was so sweet seeing him sitting at my desk, hand writing thank you cards with illustrations.  I just want you to know that every card had a different message and drawing.  He put a lot of thought into them.

Thank you to the following who helped us get him here:
Shuji Murasaki, Charity Pomeroy, Ben Butterfield, Steve Hogberg, Amanda Hammermeister, Christa Ford, Melissa O'Bryan, Bernd from Saddle Pal Creations, Simone, Rosie Ward, Rebecca Cruise, Alisa Lybbert, Jana Kuchling, Michelle Meredith, Aimee Shull, Moureen Kelly, Megan Hooker, Jodie Littlefield, Carol Duckworth, Lisa Parker, Brian Elliot.  I heart each and every one of you!!  xoxo

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Jana said...

yes i got a card! was very surprised and happy about it. and he really did a drawing!
i like your blog. all the best -jana