Thursday, June 30, 2011

Michelle's Bridal Shower

There is nothing more fun than mini raspberry lemon cupcakes and strawberry champagne punch.   Sunday we celebrated the bridal shower for my sister Michelle at our mother's house.  With the banner "Soon to be Mrs. Hovik", lovey toothpick toppers in each cupcake, and food galore, the party looked like it was straight out of Martha Stewart Weddings, but BETTER!  Thanks to Miss Heather from heathoriginal for the amazing party favors!!

Michelle scored some amazing gifts off her registry, from baking supplies and aprons to pillow cases and nighties.  My favorite was the edible underwear from Mary and the cutest was the owl apron from Amanda (in my opinion, as I LOVE owls!)  We played "Do you know your Bride?" asking ten questions about Michelle and her life, and Miss Hanna Martin won with 8/10.  Teri, Amanda's mom, and Maura O'Dell also walked away with prizes!  But of course, no one went home empty handed, as everyone received the cutest party favor bags which consisted of baths salts, matches, candles and a postcard saying "love grows" that you could plant.

Most of you know that she got married last weekend, but I don't have any pictures yet!  Once I do, I will be blogging all about her special day.
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Rosie said...

How Fun!! I love the cupcakes and what a cool idea for party favors. I cant wait for our own showers. YEAH!!! Dont laugh.. but i made a wedding list the other day of who I'd invite to my wedding. I have marriage on the mind. Yikes!


Heather said...

Happy to help. I would love more photos if you have them :)Thanks for the kind words and I am glad the shower was a success!!


Wenni Donna said...

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