Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chichen Itza, Alux Cave and more

Up at 6:30 am and ready to go by 7:30.... we waited patiently for our late van (very typical for Mexico!)  We took off for the two and half hour drive to Chichen Itza, Cenote swim and Mayan town.  I have been to Chichen Itza and luckily I got to go when you were able to walk up the tall pyramid.  Unfortunately someone fell down the pyramid and died, ruining it for us all (how dare they? j/k, horrible joke, poor tourist!)
The main center of the Mayan Plaza.  The "Mayan Gods"
knew when an Eclipse would happen but they wouldn't tell the people how they knew.  Instead they would convince them that their powers caused the eclipse, which of course lead to them having God like powers over their people.
They played a game with a rubber ball.  This ball had a lot of bounce (more than our average rubber dodge ball) so that it could bounce off the players and into that hole!!  They didn't use their hands or feet either... but instead their hips, forearms and thighs.  Most of the time they played for pure sport, but sometimes they played to death.  The loser would be sacrificed, um yikes!
The Mayan school
This is where they studied the stars and the moon... the observatory!

The tour guides were super "tricky".  They always dropped of us for toilet breaks where there was shopping to be done.  Instead of shopping we took pictures.
Valerie Jensen and I.....
Val and Ashley
Sarah sacrificed her head to this lion...
"i have to peeeee!"
The tour we got included lunch, swimming in a Cenotes Cave and then shopping in a little Mayan town.  The Cenotes was the highlight.  It was more a well of water, but absolutely the best fun!!  We jumped off a really high stair case on the side, and it was such a hard hit that I lost my top the first time I went in!!  OH BOY!  Luckily no one saw anything though... phew!
Check out how small Marcos's Margarita is...
 lunch was free, but they charged us for the drinks and they were tiny.
mmm.... food!!
The performers 
The natural pool "cenotes" that we jumped in!!
Me jumping in!!

Sarah didn't jump in, but Ashley, Marcos, Valerie and I all did.

The day was long, but good.  By the time we all got home we were all so tired we just zonked out.  The next night we went to the Alux restaurant to have dinner.  The Alux restaurant is build inside a cenotes cave, that doesn't have water in it anymore.  The food was great, the service was good, but the atmosphere was the best!!!  They had a man singing live music and he even played our request, "Vivir Sin Aire" by Mana.
Sarah, Ashley and Val at the dinner table.
kissy kissy
The music
The made our crepes in front of us, playing with fire... it was delicious!

phew... that was a lot of uploading of pictures.  The internet here has no mercy.... it is horrible, going off and on.  Blogging takes me at least two hours...this is why I haven't done it for a while.  Tonight I made my moms tuna noodle casserole and then the power went out.  It was fun because all the neighbors were out on the porch, lighting candles, and being silly.  
Tomorrow Marcos and I are going to Xplor.  You can check out the website here: Xplor  The girls didn't want to go to this park and instead will probably go to Cozumel tomorrow for their first time.

ooooooh and I almost forgot.  Today we all went to the PGA golf tournament.  We saw John Daly, Cameron Beckman, Joe Durant and many other golf super stars!  I actually liked it, which surprised me as I think golf is soooooooo boring, and when I play it I want to throw my club into the river as I have NO patience.  We had a good time and all got sun burned!! ouch!!

Until next time!!!


Alisa and Jared said...

LOOOVE the bathroom sign. So funny! cave restaurant looks AMAZING!! And the girls seriously don't want to go to Xplor? It looks awesome!!

Have fun, and thanks for taking the looong amount of time to blog!

How long is Marcos visiting?

Carol said...

Thats too bad you can't climb up the stairs at chichen Itza.....when did someone fall and die?? I love the cenotes....I think that was the same tour Jack & I took. It was a lot of fun. You got some good picts of Alux...its a cool place huh! The only think I didn't like was the musty smell...but you get used to it.

Yeah xplor looks awesome!! I wannna go!! When do you come home anyway? I miss you, talk to you soon, love, mom xoxo