Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a little hello!

Hello friends, family and strangers who read my blog :)

Just letting you know, we are OKAY!  Mexico has been treating us nice.  Lots of rain and storms, but the sun seems to come out for a few hours a day to tan our bodies!
We spend most of our time either at the beach, reading our books, playing Snertz (card game), at the gym or laying by the pool.  Here are a few pictures of the trip so far!

Tiny restaurant called "Cactus".  Best food so far!  Only has 6 tables.
Pink dog!!  um... who does this!?!

How cute is this!
Today we had a rain storm, but first came the wind.
You can see the blue clear sea behind the really sandy waves crashing!
We found some fabric in this park by my house.  It's perfect trapeze fabric!!
 Even has two pieces, so of course I got excited and practiced climbing!!!
Georgia showing me off!

Tomorrow we are going to Cancun for the day and picking up my friend Marcos from Spain.  He has to fly through Philadelphia, and right now there is a winter storm alert going on, so hopefully his flight isn't cancelled or too delayed.  His flight time is due at 10:30 at night... so we have the day to just experience Cancun.  We are actually meeting up with Robert McCracken, (Skagway friend) and hanging out!  We decided to rent a car as it was cheapest!!  Hopefully it will be a smooth trip!! 

Wish you were all here to have some fun in the sun with us!!


susanwall said...

Hi Sweety - are you joining the circus?? You do look pretty cool hanging on the tree!! I hope Marcos makes it in, guess e. coast is just lousy with snow. Have a great time and be safe!! Love you more than chocolate, always have, always will!!!! xoxoxo sue

Carol said...

Wow Wee!!! Look at you!! You look pretty darn good hanging from that tree. I wish I was there.....I love Playa, Love mom xox