Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life in Playa.....

Hola amigos y mi familia....

Que tal?!?  Marcos esta aqui en Playa!!!  (Marcos is here in Playa!)  On Superbowl Sunday I left Sarah and Ashley (who were making yummy foods and enjoying the football), to catch a bus and arrive at the airport in time to meet my new friend Marcos.  He got here safely, but on the way back we had some bus problems.  We missed the 7pm bus because he wasn't out of the customs yet, and then the 8:45pm bus never showed up.  So we had to wait til 10:15pm to finally get home.  He fell asleep in my lap.  After flying from Spain, it was 3 am to him.  Here is a picture!
Is it already Thursday?!!?  What have I been up to?  Monday and Tuesday we enjoyed the sunny weather!!  Tuesday we tried super hard to rent bikes but Playa doesn't do that (well they do, but we didn't find a place until today, a small whole in the wall office with three bikes!)  Here are some pics of us just enjoying Playa!

Marcos imitating the ninja pinanta.
Marcos is quite the swimmer.... always under the water!!  
I thought this was super funny!
Wednesday we went to Akumal.  It's about 40 minute drive south of Playa.  We didn't go into the city, but we hung out on the beach and swam with the turtles.  Our tour guide was super cool.  He showed us sting rays, turtles, and bright colored fish.  We did however see some gross things, like human poo... ewwwwww! Who does that?  
Here is Akumal beach.  Can you see the reefs under the water?

Sarah and Ashley at the restaurant we ate at in Akumal.
As for today... Marcos and I went on a long walk and then strolled the shops for the first time.  This week is Carnaval and we plan on going to Cozumel for the events.  Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday they have the parades!! Marcos has already designed our outfits..... we just have to put them together now!!  I will wait to post pictures before I tell you what we are!!  

How is everyone at home?  Any news?


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