Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to Playa del Carmen!!

WE MADE IT!!  Sarah and I were up at 6 am and on our flight to Mexico.  We met Ashley, aka Georgia, at the airport and we were on our way.  Poor Georgia was up at 4 am and then had to wait for us in 90 degree weather at the airport for about 5 hours!!!
Our landlord is awesome.  He is giving me a cell phone here so that I can call him if I need anything.  Our house extremely cool, decorated so pish posh, has everything we need!!  Two bed rooms, three bathrooms, laundry and full kitchen!! I love it!  Even a pool!  and very very safe Mom.  We have 24 hour security guards outside the building and we are in a locked gate! 
Our first order of business was to find dinner.  We went to Las delicious on 5th Avenue, and enjoyed Chicken Fajitas and then took a stroll down on the beach!!  The water was WARM!!!  I mean, warm for me, so that means really really warm cause I think everything is too cold!
On our way home we stopped at a OXXO (convenience store) and got something for breakfast in the morning.  When we walked out, it was a down pour!!!  Raining huge buckets, worse than Ketchikan, raining upside down, RAIN!  So we ran across the street, where we met two Irish lads Mike and Fionnan, and drank some beer.  
Here are some pics of the night.
Tomorrow we plan on settling in, grocery shopping, and relaxing!!  We will be here for a month!!
We plan on doing some really fun things while we are here, so stay posted for some history of Mexico and more!

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Alisa and Jared said...

Yay! You're there! That's funny about the rain...I SOO want to experience the rainy season!!

For a moment I thought that the photo of them on the sandy beach was SNOW! I guess my perception is very distorted right now...hehehe....

Have FUN, and blog OFTEN!!

Barbie Hull said...

Cole - Ryan and I are SOOOOOOOO jealous!! Playa is our FAVORITE!!! we have SO many favorite places on 5th ave... can't wait to see your photos!!