Monday, February 15, 2010

Cozumel and More

On Saturday Marcos and I decided to go to Cozumel.  The festivities of Carnival were starting and we wanted to check it out.  Once we got over there, we didn't find much going we decided to rent a scooter and tour the island.  This scared the crap out of me.  Not that I don't trust Marcos, its just that I was wearing a skirt, and the helmet was like a bike helmet, and well, it's SCARY!  So I got on the back of the scooter and held onto Marcos for dear life!!  We took off across the middle of the island to explore some old ruins called San Gervacio.  Check check check it out ya'll (sorry, i'm rockin' out to Beastie Boys right now!)

After our historic ruin adventure we hopped back on the scooter and took off to the other side of Cozumel. The road follows the coast line so it was one grand view all the way back to the city center.  Luckily there was a smaller road off to the side of the main highway, which made me feel so much more safe.  On the way, we stopped at Coconuts Bar and Grill.  The owner of the bar is the brother of Carlos Rojas, who is a police officer at the Ketchikan, AK Police Dept.  He was very excited that we stopped in to say hello.  

Owner of Coconuts Bar and Grill

This what the menu's looked like.... a wood sign.
Pico de gallo
We stopped along the way by the side of the road to check out these really cool rocks.  It was big huge rocks with pours in them, some so big they were caves.

There was to be a parade in Cozumel Saturday night but we had to catch the ferry back and missed it.  Tuesday (tomorrow), Marcos and I are going back to Cozumel to dress up for Carnival and watch the parade.  Valerie also gets into town tomorrow too!! YEAH!!  

Stay tuned to see our Carnival costumes.  We hand made them ourselves!!!


ps.  It's raining, A LOT!!!  Why we decided to come to Mexico in Feb (the rainy season) was a bad idea!


Alisa and Jared said...

I had no idea it was the rainy season during the winter on the Eastern Mexican coast! Opposite of the West?!

Looks like fun on that scooter. I'm sure it must have been a little tricky with a skirt! I also didn't realize Cozumel was within reach. How fun!

Carol said... you went to Coconuts!! it's a pretty cool place. Gotta love Carlos' brother's necklace....omg...boobs!! fuuunnnyyy!

Jack and I rented a scooter too. It was really fun. There was another little bar we went to at the end of the island (same side as Coconuts) that was fun too.

Looks like you guys are having so much fun! It was sunny here today...and warm. I think winter forgot us this year, (which is fine with me) Love and miss you, love, mom xoxox

susanwall said...

Hey Sweety and you too Nicholle-hee hee, be sure and tell Marcos I said that!!! Sorry to hear about the rain, but at least it is warm rain. I think your mom is on crack, it was sunny but I don't remember the "warm" thing at all!!! Too funny you met Carlos's brother, and I do agree w/ your mom, great necklace & lovely breasts for a man!! Miss you a ton-keep having loads of fun and big hug to Marcos for me!! Love you more than frosted animal crackers (I am eating them now and OMG I forgot how yummy they are!!)
xoxoxo sue