Sunday, February 7, 2010

No Cancun Trip

So because of the winter storm, Marcos's flight was cancelled.  He was supposed to go through Philly and since they couldn't land or take off there, they put him on a direct flight to Cancun today.  Instead of going to Cancun yesterday to meet up with Robert McCracken, we waited for him here in Playa.  He rode his bike.... yes, that's right, rode his bike.  Robert has been in Mexico since November and his main mean of transportation is his bicycle.  He rides over 100 miles some days.  In heat, through mosquitos, thirsty, sweaty, but sometimes awesome and refreshing rides.  (ps. Robert is a friend from Skagway, AK)
We basically just sat around and talked, then went down to the beach for some beers.  He is a silly man and gave us a lot of input on how to manage here in Mexico.  Like "Never buy a beer for more than $10 pesos", and "Drink lots of tequila".  hmmmmm... ok!
Today we caught up on our tans, and in about twenty minutes I am going to Cancun to pick up the Spaniard :)

Here are a few pictures of yesterday:
Sarah, Robert and Georgia on the beach!

5th Avenue. The main touristy street!

Cigar making.  Sarah bought one and puff puff puff!

Corona + me = Mix well!


Christy said...

Oooh, I'm jealous of your fun month in Mexico! Keep posting pictures, it's fun to see you. :)

Alisa and Jared said...

Did you know that Robert when and saw all of the Skagway peeps that went to Lake Chapala this winter (after we told them they HAD to go!)? He's popping up in everyone's photos, it seems. I had no idea he was on a BIKE, though! Crazy man!

Good luck with that tan!