Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little sun, a little blog.

Good Evening my fine friends (or morning depending on where you live in this great massive world!)  Today was a great first day, except for I was a bit grumpy.  I woke this morning to a man blowing a whistle and kids screaming. We apparently live right next door to an elementary school. It was 7 am, 5 am to me.  I couldn't get back to sleep so I went for a run.  BIG MISTAKE!  Have I mentioned how HOT it is here?  I was soaking wet within 3 minutes... ewwwwwww!

Sarah, Georgia and I had some breakfast and went down to the beach.  Playa by far, hands down, no negotiating has the best sandy beaches in Mexico!  It's like powdered sugar.  It kind of mushes in your feet, but feels like soft satin, and it's white.... and the water, gorgeous aqua blue... you can see a shark coming for miles!  We sun bathed for about an hour.  Sarah and Georgia both are red, but me.... nothing really happened... just a little darker than what I was when I started.  It's weird.  Of all people, I should be the one to burn, but nope!
Here are a few pictures of the beach:
The Clouds were coming in and taking over!

After our great day at the beach, we had lunch at a Tapas bar.  I had my favorite Spanish tortillas and chicken tacos.  They gave us free sangrias.  For a second I thought maybe I was in Spain again, eating eggs and potatoes and drinking sangrias!  mmmmm.
Off to stock up on groceries! :)  Mega Market is HUGE!! But, unfortunately they are not big on "dairy-free" stuff.  Oh well.  We bought healthy, yummy foods!  We are on a mission, us three girls.  We are calling it "Boot Camp PDC: Tone up, pound down, tan on!"  Three goals.  We even joined a gym called Evolve, spendy but amazing!!  We worked out after we went shopping!  They even have a pole dancing class!  What the?!

Last but not least, a few pictures of us in the house!  It's a great place.  Today we had a visit with some of our neighbors.  Everyone here seems to be super nice.  Right now, across the way, there are having a dinner party.  Everyone's windows face each other.  Very cute community of people!
When we arrived, there were Swans on our bed.  Sarah made out with hers!
and Georgia had a staring contest.  I think the swan won.
Living room! Cute place!!

Wish you were all here!  Love and miss you!


Christy said...

Looks fabulous and I'm so excited that you're there for a month! I can't wait to hear more...

Alisa and Jared said...

Ugh! HEAT!!! Okay, well...perhaps it sounds REALLY nice right now. But I know what you mean about soaking during a run...THAT doesn't sound like fun. But a gym DOES!! Awesome!! Mexicans love their pole dancing...see proof: http://lybbertfamily.blogspot.com/2009/01/there-are-funny-quirks-about-this-place.html

The beaches look AMAZING. And a beautiful house...I'm curious how much it cost per month to rent! ENJOY!