Monday, November 16, 2009

1st day of school in Cadiz

First day of Cadiz school was great!  Carlos is my teacher and he is AWESOME.  He was telling us (in spanish) his interests.  He told us he loved music "me encanta musica", but that the kinds of music he liked, no one here knew about.  I asked him, like what?  and he says "Regina Spektor".  I screamed!  I not only just saw her in concert, but I was wearing her t-shirt under my cardigan as well!  He was floored when he saw it... we're now best friends!  There is only one student in my class.  Jana... like Anna, but Juanna sounding.  She's german, lots and lots of Germans studying Spanish here.
Class was actually pretty easy.  I was afraid of this.  Going to a new city to study each week, I have this feeling I will be learning the same things over and over again, but at least I am getting a good review!!! 
After school, I finally found a bank to change my travelers checks.  They charged me my first child, but I felt I got them back by talking in english saying things like (and in the most pleasant tone with a smile on my face) "how do you people sleep at night?  This is just ridiculous, you people stealing my money, don't you know how bad the dollar is?  you are all ass holes!"  but thats the beauty of Spain, no one really speaks english here...

I went to the beach in the afternoon and studied.  It's not super hot here, but just hot enough to go and lay in your swimming suit.  I met two americans from Oregon who have been living here for three years teaching english.  They laughed when I told them I was studying Spanish here.  They told me that its the most difficult place to learn Spanish because Cadiz has their own Spanish and that I wouldn't understand anything anybody was saying.  Awesome, thanks for the encouragement friendly Americans.  Luckily I will only be here one week, (or not lucky, cause I LOVE IT HERE!)

Before dinner, I cruised the streets.  It's a good thing I didn't use my big suit case, and instead my northface pack to get here..  I seriously could find something in every store here that I MUST have.  From cute shoes, to random housewares, Cadiz has some kick ass shopping for sure!  I wonder where there is a luggage store.  ;)

xo friends...
sorry no pictures today... didn't take much more after my marathon with my camera yesterday!


ps:  Visit Maria Ortega Estepa's website (blog site).
She is the artist that I showed in my album last blog.  The one I loved at the Santa Catalina Castle, with the green little paradises she creates.  I actually emailed her and she said i could buy one, but I had to get down there today.  Well I didn't get that email until too late.  When I got down there they had already packed up the art show and it was on it's way to the next city.  She said she would stay in contact, maybe mail me a piece when the show is over.  Her artwork is amazing.  Right up my ally... if I was an artist, this is how cool I would want to be.

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susanwall said...

Wholly Crap-oly!! I just went thru your 101 pics OMG they are amazing. Just read your "should have done this in my twenties", I am glad you blog and it is easier sometime to write TO someone, not just you. YOu know you have your "fan base" people (like ME) and I can't tell you how much I love living thru you and your trips. And yes, your twenties were spectacular but you know what, you are in your thirties now and so much wiser and intune to who you are so it is going to be fabulous doing all these things in your thirties too!! The artist you liked so much - I am going to the web site and look at her stuff. I loved the pic you took, the colors, the way she paints, everythng just looks so cool!! I love you kiddo. I am all caught up now so will read you tomorrow!!
LYMTC (love you more than chocolate) xoxoxo sue