Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tinto y Tapas

Hello my very missed and loved friends,

Seville is great. I absolutely love the school. I am learning a lot in this one... more than I did in Cadiz for sure... and Malaga! I have two teachers. The first is a nice lady (don't ask me names, I forget), and she is very pleasant... just easy to listen to and talk to. The second is this man who has massive attitude and is a no bull shit kind of guy, harsh, demanding, rolls his eyes a lot. 2nd day of class he was grading my paper, and I just flat out said "you better be nice to me, or I'll leave". Ever since that comment, he checks in with me "cole, you okay, you understand?" Yes, Mr, thank you! I think I am the teachers pet. :) and I'll say it loud and proud.

I haven't been playing tourist as much as I did in the other cities, because honestly, I am tired of walking... and I live so far away. Yesterday I was super indecisive.. I would walk five minutes in one direction and then change my mind. I then realized, I was just ancy and needed a run. There is kind of this large loop around the city.. maybe 5 miles, so I decided to conquer it... but I got lost. How can one get lost when there is just the one road? I don't know, I'm blonde, and in a foreign country and I just got LOST... leave me alone! ;)
I was way off course, and Thank GOD, yes I even prayed for help, I pay attention in class, cause I simply asked directions to the big train station by my house and was directed to the place... even though it was super super far and they thought i was nuts for running there. Phew... finally home safe.

Last night I went out with two Italians, (names I can't spell), Patrick from Germany and Matild from Holland. We had wine and tapas at this little cafe by the massive size Cathedral. Here are some pictures.

Look at those bottles of wine.. and to the right, pig legs just dangling there for us to eat up.

Here is a pigs leg being cut up!

Here are Chocolate Churros... it was so much better than US churros.. SO good.. So delicious... dipped in a hot chocolate (thats almost like a pudding, but not as creamy...) I was in heaven.

Matilde, me, Patrick at the Cafe last night.

Italian friends!!

So... that is where I leave you friends... Today, Patrick and I are going to go take pictures of lovely gardents and then I might venture into the Castle type place (Real Alcazabar).  I plan on resting though tonight to finally (fingers crossed) get rid of this cold.

I miss you and tomorrow, I will post a blog for Thanksgiving... a time for being thankful!!  Make my yams Rosie!!! :)


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Alisa and Jared said...

Nice to see you have a I get to stay updated! Have a fun least go get yourself something yummy for dinner at a restaurant! :)