Friday, November 13, 2009

Just a little something....

I have found that when I can't explain myself, I just want to cry.... kind of like a baby when they can't say what they want to their mom and dad, they CRY CRY CRY!! waaa waaaa waaaaa!!  I'm such a big baby.... and I'll say it LOUD AND PROUD!
Yesterday, after being told by three banks "no exchange traveler checks"... I got totally lost, on the wrong bus, turned around, got off the bus... stood on the street, and guess what?  Yep, I cried.  I just can't help it.  It's like, I swallow and say, "Cole, don't cry, it's okay, you'll find your way," but then they come, tears rolling down my cheeks.  I had my moment.....and finally decided to ship up, instead of shipping out (3rd grade teacher taught me this!)
Found the right bus and got to the train station, where after talking to three different people, finally got the correct tickets.  Note to anyone traveling to Europe:  BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE AND HAVE
THEM MAILED TO YOU IN THE STATES!!  I was going to do this, and got online and tried to do it, but it was two days before I left to Europe and there wasn't time for them to be mailed to me.

Moving on....
I went to the Pablo Picasso Museaum after my train station event, and, to be honest, was not impressed.  Was Pablo on acid most of his life?  Google these:  Picasso, Skull, sea urchans, lamp on table. 
This is just random.  I mean, sea urchans, a skull and a lamp all on one table?  Do I see any common factors here? Nope... do I see any relation to these objects? um.. nope.  Do I see a point to this piece of art?  again.. no!
Lots of paintings of woman laying down "reclining" as he put it, naked... with another naked woman playing a flute. 
My favorite, however was Father and Child.  It made sense to me... nice to the eye... good coloring, and gave me a nice family feeling.

I wanted to share some random pictures of my life..... and here they are:

This is where I sleep!

Pee, shower, etc...

Living room.  I never really hang out here, but thought you might like to see what their house looks like!

These little boats with fires on top (stove like fires) are all over the beach close to restaraunts.  They are basically cooking fish they just caught.  Mostly sardines or other very small fish. I believe they sell them to the people on the beach, or maybe even to the restaraunts.  It's a way of cooking them that makes them so tasty!  Pretty cool though huh?!  I have yet to eat out a restaraunt.  I know, I know, but when you get FREE dinner every night from your momma, you tend to eat at home.  Plus the US dollar sucks right now to the EURO. 
A thing of nail polish for example is like $15.  Um, yeah no. (I use nail polish as an example cause I wanted to paint my toe nails but decided not after the price!)

This street is Larios.  "Calle Larios".  It's a long strip of where artists entertain people for coins and there is major shopping.  Kind of richville shopping though.  All the cafe's here are pricy.  I had a small, very small, tiny even, like three gulps strawberry dish with whipped cream, and paid almost $8.  :)  But it was good!

These are in the grocery stores.  Pig legs, foot and all.  How random is it that you have to throw away a pig foot when eating your ham?  Anyone?  um, ew.

This is where I get my sandwhich everyday between classes.  Nice man, he feeds me, I love him.  It's a small tobacco cafe, so when you walk in its like walking into an ash tray, but the men are so so nice.  One guy sits by the door everyday trying to win at the gambling machine, ciggerette dangling from his mouth.  He cusses every time he loses.  It's hilarious.  Another sits at the bar, same guy everyday and tells me how pretty I am.  How can I not resist coming (besides the smoke)? 

Internet has been fuzzy.  So I will post this now.  I leave to Cadiz tomorrow, but I will update you all when I can!!  I am hoping that my spanish will someday get better and I will be able to express myself in this country somewhat.  Here's hoping to a good week in Cadiz!!! 



Carol said...

Hi Cole, Oh it sounds like you had a rough day. I remember when Matt and I took the wrong bus in Mexico and we ended up at the end of the bus route and the driver was done for the day! It took a while, but we got it figured out. But it is scary.

You know, I bet they eat the pigs foot, not throw it out....eeewwww!

Have a fun train ride tomorrow and hopefully Cadiz will be a little better.

Did you ever get anyone to cash your checks?

Love and miss you, mom xoxo

P.S. We have 3 inches of snow on the ground this morning!! WHAT!!!

John said...

Gee, Dad is new at this. Just wanted to say Hi, and I love you....Hope all goes better for you. I always worry about you when your out of the u.s.a......I see your mom got some snow. We are suppose to get 1-2 inches here to...Going to the cabin sunday. Probably will have some snow there for sure......Well, have fun and things always seem to work out even when they are screwed up at first......Love you....DAD