Monday, November 9, 2009

Not the best first day....

Top ten reasons for why my day SUCKED.
1. Woke up at 5 am, sicker than someone who just ate 100 hot dogs. It was gross.

2. Aunt Flo came knocking on my door.. of all days!

3. Home stay mom fed me one piece of toast for breakfast (not that big of a deal, but you'll understand later.).

4. After taking my placement test, I'm still a freaking "beginner", but an "advanced beginner". It hurt my ego.

5. Cramps..... OUCH!

6. During break, I visited three banks, all which won't cash my travelers check... anxiety 101.

7. Classes ended at 1. . . so now I'm STARVING.

8. Search for cafe.... find one, closed... another one... closed... one last one... closed. (For all those who really know me, can probably picture me about right now.. starving, no energy, about to get on the floor and start crying .... waaa waaa waaaa). Everything in Spain closes from 1-4 for resting time.

9. Go home to ask my home stay mother if there is a place to find food (home stay not responsible to supply lunch!).... NO ONE IS HOME!

10. I lay on my bed... and break down. So emotional (stupid aunt F). My blood sugar level is so low, that I actually feel dizzy when I stand up. Mother comes home and shows up at my door to say hi... I try to hide my feelings on my face, but she asks "what is wrong?". Hmm... do I tell the truth? That I'm an over tired, jet lagged, upset stomach, cramping, big baby American who is starving?!!? or LIE.

I lied and said I was home sick and just feeling far away from home, "a bit hungry".... I also added that my sister rolled her car and broke all her limbs, the family pet died, and I have this weird growth on my foot.  She looks so sympathetic and says... "Oooh.. I make you omelet". Proceeds to Kitchen and whips me up a good mid day breakfast.

Day just got better.

ps.  just to be clear, I didn't really tell my homestay the last three reaons. :)  I just added more lies in the blog for dramatic effect.  More to blog tomorrow.  I took pictures but I really am tired and feeling a bit drained.  I am going to have dinner now and then sleep.  Tomorrow I am going on a hike and will get some pictures of the entire city from up high! YEAH~!


Carol said...

OMG cole, I am literally laughing out loud!! I know for you it really isn't funny, but reading it is hilarious. I'm so sorry for you!! What are you going to do about your traveler's checks? So I bet you pack a lunch from now on, or at least pack some energy bars. I hope your p isn't too bad, I'm sure you brought you meds, though. Think of it this way, you're getting it out of the way for the rest of your trip ;-) I love and miss you, mom xoxo

Michelle marin said...

Why the sister lie? Really!? JK!! You should hit up the store soon and just buy a bunch of granola bars or something and always keep some with you. Thats what I do! I miss you and hope tomorrow is a much better day for you! :)

Christy said...

Oh, friend! Sorry your day was so awful, food always makes things better!!! Hope today is better.

Hugs, Christy

Christy said...

Oh, and by the way, I was laughing out loud while I was reading too. At least you kept your sense of humor. :)

Nicholle said...

Thanks friends!
Today was much better!!! I will blog some more soon!!

Katie said...

You have me rolling and almost busting a gut!!! I've been reading these aloud with my one in the store of are an inspiration to us all!!! Even when times are tough you are hilarious. Can't wait to see all of your adventures. Smooches... Katie

Nicholle said...

which Katie is this!?!? and thanks.. glad you got a giggle!