Friday, November 27, 2009


How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I went out to this really nice restaraunt, that used to be an old mansion. Inside the house, each room was made into a dining room. We sat in the "blue room". Patrick had read about this restaraunt in his guide book and what a place. The servers were so funny and just very professional. It was actually quite brilliant (I'm speaking Oxford english now because of my German friends and how they speak english!)
Anyway.. I had salmon and veggies... salad and flan for dessert. yummy!!
I missed home though.. thanks for all the nice texts. Here is a picture of us at the table.

I'm not sure how to spell her name, but it sounds like "Guy-a"  It is Latin, but she is Italian.. Then beside me is Patrick from Germany and Masimo from Italy.  Gauya and Masimo have been together since they were 14. Another Susie and Luke fairy tale.... so so sososo cute!!!  Love them!

During the day we went to the Gardents and Alcazabar. Basically this place is a series of rooms from different ages and styles that were used for praying, meetings, or living in. Few Spanish Kings have received such contradictory press over the centuries as Pedro I. Most of the Alcazar is from Pedro's rebuilding program, mostly so that him and girl, Maria, could have a nice cozy place to stay. But this king was also nicknamed the "The Cruel" and "the Just", as he killed his own brother in order to consolidate his position and flaunted his cohabitation with his girl, Maria de Phadilla. Craziness!
The gardens here were just gorgeous. So massive and every court you had four different exits so you would really just get lost going in and out of them. Fountains, pooles, lemon and orange groves, palms and hedgerows are in every direction! Here are some pictures of the day.

peacocks just romaing around the garden :)

I am off to Madrid tomorrow. It's going to be very cold there and I am not looking forward to that. I should have done my trip the other way around, cold first than warm :) oh well!  I will meet up with Marcos and his twin brother Paco .... we will rock out to Marcos's favorite band.  Should be a good time.  I am hoping for good weather :)  I am really looking forward though to coming home.  I miss home!

Today I also bought the print from Maria Ortega Estepa. She is so nice and beautiful. It was so exciting meeting her and she is so happy that her artwork will be up in the USA!

Here is the piece:

Miss you!!


susanwall said...

I LOVE your new art - Maria is very cool. Looked at her site but I don't read/speak spanish so I just looked. Ralph and I had a good Thanksgiving, best turkey in years!! Getting excited, off to Seattle on Thursday and Seahawks on Sunday!! Lots of Christmas shopping to do, I love that part!! Stay warm!! Love you tons - Sue

marĂ­a ortega estepa .· * said...

Nicholle!!!!!!!!!! oooohhh thanks for your words....
i am very happy thinking that my picture now is a lovely hands!!!!!!

ohhhh are you in Madrid yet? or in EEUU?
I wish to travel there to visit you!!
(sorry for my english)

thanks for that day in Plaza del Salvador :)
I will never forget it!