Friday, November 20, 2009

"waaaaa.... waaaaaa"

Ok.... predicament!!! Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are filming their new movie here, RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE!! Not kidding. They start filming on Monday though and I leave tomorrow. I could stay and watch an amazing bull running scene where Tom and Cameron are racing away on a motor cycle probably to go off and make fake love... or I could suck it up and go to Seville tomorrow.   The movie is called Witchita, or Night and Day.  I talked to some Hollywood dude and he said they might change the name.
grrr... such is life. I will get on the train tomorow and go to Seville.  "waaaaa..... waaaaa"
They are setting up for filming right now. It's neat to see how they do things. They have a zip line all the way down the street... and that is where the camera will be from up above (I'm sure there will be more). They have put up Spanish red flags on all the houses to show Spain Spirit...
Did I mention BULLS?!?! Man, what bad luck. Oh well, I'm excited for Seville anyway.
Here is the street the bulls will run through into San Antonio Plaza (my plaza!)

Here is some decoration they put on the buildings (up and down the entire street!)

This morning I woke up with a horrible.. HORRIBLE sore throat. "waaaaaa.... waaaaaa".  I am just glad it's not the swine flu. Today I went to the beach and tried to soak up the sun but I just felt too miserable so I came home and took a three hour nap. The people I live with smoke in the house. The dad is sick with a sore throat as well... so I'm actually glad to be leaving this atmosphere, not healthy!!!
Speaking of smoking... Everyone in Spain smokes. I swear by it. It's like drinking water here. The other day I actually saw a jogger, stop from his run, sit and smoke a cigarette.  If I had my camera I would have taken a photo of him, but I was jogging myself. My homestay family all smoke, and there is even a baby living here.. it makes my heart sad :o(. I'm not surprised I haven't seen a 10 year old light up yet.
And now speaking of small children... peeing in the streets... yep. First I saw a man peeing in the street.... kind of in back street... not that shocking, but then I saw a Mother, pulling her kids pants down and making him pee in public. You could tell he was shy about it because she was super persistent and he kept trying to pull his pants up. Um, is that odd? I think so.

Last day of class was okay.  They gave me a certificate saying I did 20 lessons (only did 15), and they gave me a B?  On what basis?!  I have no idea.  I never took a test, or anything.  I'm a bit bitter about it  Why not an A?!?!  Say it with me friends... "waaaaaa... waaaaaaa".

Tonight I'm going out, cold and all.  I hope it's worth it.  People in Spain start so late.  You can walk into a bar at 2 am and it will have maybe 10 people, and then at 2:30-3am it's packed.  Thats when they start!!  Just insane.  I am going to go home no later than 2 am... I don't care if Tom and Cameron themselves show up to the bar, that's just too late for me!

Hopefully tomorrow won't feel so "waaaa.. waaaaa"! haha (I'm saying this like Rosie and I say it... )
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