Thursday, November 19, 2009

It seems every other day is a good day in class. Tuesday I wanted to die, then Wednesday I felt like a Spanish Goddess on top of a high mountain reigning over my people... but then Thursday, (today), I felt like crawling into a hole. After class I had to talk to the director about my hours in class. I was only getting 15 lessons, but I am paying for 20, etc.... after ten minutes of her speaking super fast in Spanish, I finally got a word in saying.. "I don't understand much of what you are saying"... and then I broke down. She must have thought I was crazy. My brain is just so exhausted concentrating on every word that every person is saying, and I just start to feel so dumb not understanding. She apologized and thought I was in the advanced class.. and asked if I needed anything, water, a beer? haha. I love her. I do think my Spanish is getting better though as I am able to tell people more things, and feeling more comfortable. I am just going to blame me not understanding on Cadiz.. (rumor has it, they talk funny!)
So what have I been up to?! Not a lot... Yesterday I studied in the sun, on a bench in the Plaza, by my house and then went out to have dinner in the city. This entire trip I have been really good and not bought anything except post cards and food. I have been tempted for sure, but I am thinking "Cole, the exchange rate is no good, everything sounds cheap but really it's not, don't do it, don't do it."  For example: 140 Euro is really $210 dollars.  Yikes!
Well, before dinner I usually walk the streets just for fun, window shop, look around... and any girl will eventually cave in, right... RIGHT?!?! Well I did. I went from boutique to boutique and bought my life savings away. (j/k) Once I bought one thing, which I debated in my head for almost an hour, buying more things was so much easier. I bought a jacket, a really cute sweater dress LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!, some gloves, some Spanish chocolates and Terry a small stocking stuffer. :) Lucky kid.
ps.. Sue, do you want a globe that says Spain on it, or just a city? I was thinking with "Espana" (Spain) on it. I have looked at a few, but most say the city name.

After my shopping spree... I met up with some students of the school and we went to a bar for English/Spanish speaking. The first hour everyone speaks English, so that the Spanish people can practice their English, then the second hour we speak Spanish, for us non Spanish speaking folk.  Basically the first hour, I was talking talking talking... then the second hour, I was a mute! hahah! I tried, but it was so loud in there, it was very hard for me to understand what anyone was saying!! Fun though, and good practice!!
Here is a picture of friends I met.  Marcos is in the middle who I am hanging out with on Friday night with other friends.

New friends!

Today was pretty relaxed.  In class I was thinking, "what should I do after class... hmm.. I think I will go to the beach!!" But right when class ended, we heard this huge rumble... thunder and mass amounts of rain came crashing down. It was awesome!! I love 'tropical' storms. :) They only last for a short amount of time, but are so huge!!  So I didn't go to the beach... instead I went to the center (by the cathedral) to study and have some lunch. I got some tapas and a vegetable salad. The salad was drenched in oil... so instead of me eating my "unhealthy" salad, I asked a man who was walking by (looked homeless and scarfing down some chips), if he was hungry. He said, Si, si.. tengo muy hambre.... I told him to sit and eat. There I was in Cadiz, sitting in a nice plaza with a smelly and rather hairy man drinking wine while he ate my salad. I felt good, and I was eating with someone, not alone! What a great way to get company! :) We talked. He seemed like a very nice man. . . with some bad luck.
My next adventure after lunch was off to the beach, rocking out to Muse on my iTouch, since the sun finally came out. I was walking on the boardwalk next to a bar when two men started to talk to me. I took out my earphones to try and understand them. One of them stood up, grabbed my hand, led me to a chair, pushed me (nicely) into it and said "sit, stay". (Like I'm his bitch or something!) He then went inside the bar while his friend was trying to speak English with me.... kind of a Spanglish conversation going on. I told them I was going to the beach, what do you need from me?  He asked what was my name, where was I from? I'm thinking "OK, opportunity to practice Spanish, guys must think I'm cute or something.... I'll play along."  Then his friend came out with a beer. hmmm.. do I drink it? Is it safe?  After the shitty morning in class, I thought, why not? It's a free beer! I drank it. It was fine. I'm still alive. Phew.  The boy, Juan, was a bit excessive. He kept saying I was the prettiest girl ever. He gave me his home address (literally showed me the door as it was just 15 feet away) and repeatedly kept kissing my cheek, which was crazy shocking every single time. "YOUR IN MY BUBBLE, GET OUT!"   His friend told me he was crazy. I agreed. After 15 minutes of conversation (Spanglish), about Alaska and polar bears, this and that...and Juan trying to kiss me every 3 minutes, I finally lied and said I had a boyfriend. I finished my beer, thanked them, and was on my way. 1 minute later, I hear someone running behind me... Juan grabs me, hugs me super tight and tells me I am his "angel from Alaska". um, OK?  Really, I'm flattered.
Moving on...
Tomorrow is my last day of school here in Cadiz.  I am glad that I am seeing different cities in Spain, but at the same time, it's a bit hard that way.  I finally feel like I know my way around the city and getting to know people, and then I leave.  This is how I felt in Malaga as well.  Tomorrow night I'm going out with some locals (see above picture) and some friends from school!! Should be fun!
Thanks for reading!!  (Am I boring you with petty stuff?)


Here are some pictures of the market... This stuff just sits out in the open... all kinds of meats and fish.  It REAKS in that market.

This may seem random, but this is very typical to see.
Old spanish couples holding hands
walking in the street together. 
It's so cute.  It makes me want to grow old with someone!

This is my teacher.  He is so great.  He loves Regnia Spektor like me.  He busts out in song randomly throughout the day.  For example, today he said "ayer" which is yesterday in spanish.. and instead of continuing his sentence he says "ayer....all my troubles seemed so far away... " (Beatles) haha.. it was funny! He does this all the time!

Last picture for today:  Gates to the city!!  So cool!

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susanwall said...

Hey Girlfriend -
What up with that kissy/huggy guy?? That did sound a bit odd!! You are so cracking me up every day!! I know the exchange rate totally sucks but every time you wrote about NOT spending money my heart was just breaking, but you know me, buy, buy, buy!! You get whatever snow globe you like sweety. If it is Spain or a city of a part of a city, I don't care because No. 1 YOU GOT IT FOR ME and No. 2, Hello IT'S FROM SPAIN!!
And seriously if it turns out to be spendy I want to pay you back. I pay people for snow globes when they are over 15-20 bucks all the time!! The pic of the 3 guys together, the one in the middle, when I first glanced he kinda looked like Shia LaBeouf, does he or is it just me?? Have a safe trip to your next destination, read you tomorrow!! LYMTC xoxo sue