Sunday, November 8, 2009


Airfrance is wonderful.  Tons of movies, unlimited champagne, good looking French men to sit by, and they have those wonderful seats that have the top conform into a head rest. Love it.
I slept only about two hours on the first flight.  My ear phones got torn into two pieces by the French guy on accident (not so hot anymore, are you french man!), so I was without music, etc...
It did feel a little weird flying all this way and it not be going to Sweden, but once I got on the plane in Paris to Malaga, I started to get super excited!
The mountains in southern Spain were beautiful flying over!!  I was severely jet lagged, but so excited I kept talking outloud to the Frech woman next to me, who spoke no english... she humored me by smiling and saying oui.. oui.. the entire time. 
Once in Malaga... I got my bag and headed to the "meeting place" for the school.  It was supposed to be by tourist information and a bank.  Well, there was a empty space where a bank once existed, and tourist information, but not a Spaniard in site looking for me.  I waited, and waited, exhausted, hungry, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.  I almost started to cry.  This happens when I'm super tired and hungry... I cry.  I call the ermgency number and they "forgot me".  The man on the other line spoke very little english and that is how he put it.
Ten minutes later I finally was picked up and taken to my homestay.  Malaga is gorgeous.  It feels so surreal to be in Seattle, walk into a big machine, and then walk out and be here.  This is the feeling I love, the wander-lust high, that I travel for.  It's as if we know there are all these amazing places in the world, but then once you are here.. it's a reality of how busy this world really is!!  I feel so small, but so blessed that I am able to come and be apart of other's lives.
I LOVE MY HOST FAMILY!!  The minute I got here, the Mother, Encarni, didn't stop talking.  Speaking Spanish a mile a minute.  I picked up every 4th or 5th word and figured out basically what she was trying to say... and when I respond she always helps me to form correct sentences.  Her son Javier is 2.  The first thing he did was shake my hand and then show me his clam shell he found on the beach today.  He was so excited!  Carolota is 12 and loves Twilight books and the movies.  She's my new best friend in Spain! haha
I have my own room, with TV, Internet, nice closet, two beds, night stand... it's better than a hotel.  There is another room for students right next to me.  Julia from Germany has been here since September studying. . . and you thought I was crazy for going an entire month!  She's awesome.  She kept speaking Spanglish with me.  (This happens when you are studying spanish, even if English is your first language, you still start to sound silly!). 
Tomorrow I will start school at 8:30 am, where I will take a placement test and see what level of Spanish I currently have stored in my head. 
I will also start taking pictures for you all.  I took a small walk down the street today but didn't bring my camera. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday at home.  I'm off to have dinner.  They eat at 8pm here.  Late!


ps.  Funny thing of the day.  I couldn't get out of the bathroom. They have funny door knobs here.  I felt like a two year with a child proof lock.  Man it was embarrassing have to knock from the inside and then have them try and explain how to open the door.  What is even funnier, is it's SUPER easy. Just push down on top tab and pull, no turning, no pushing, etc... I'm blaming it on the lack of sleep.

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Christy said...

Yay, glad you made it and are settling in!

Hugs, Christy