Saturday, November 14, 2009

and at last my trip has begun...

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and at last my trip has begun.....
No more auntie in town and my tears have dried up.  Thursday night, Matiz and I, (german boy who speaks good english), went into the city to enjoy a Spanish Flamenco.  The theather was small, smaller than your living room mom, with passion red walls, tiny tables and chairs, and a small stage.  The atmosphere was dark, hot and personal.  I was squished up to Matiz (who totally smelled like the Matiz in CR Rosie, remember?!?!?), sipping red wine and sangria's, and eating Spanish tapas.  I have to admit the meat here in Spain is amazing.  I usually hate red meat, but I'm eating it like it's water here.  yum mum um umu um!

Matiz and I waiting for the show to start!

Not the best picture of a Spanish Tapas... as it's very simple example, but my first tapa dish here in Spain!

There were three dancers (the girls), two guitar players (on the right) and a drum player, who is on the left singing in this picture!!  The lady in the middle was the main enchilada... she sang and so passionate!  Her husband is the man on the right!!
I was trying to put a video on here of the event, but I can't figure it out and don't have time to play around... and youtube wouldn't upload it.  I'm blaming this all on the spanish server.

Miss you friends and family!!

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