Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to Cadiz, Spain

I arrived last night via train, then via taxi... driving to my homestay, I got chills.  Cadiz is amazing.  I got so excited, the taxi driver probably thought I was nuts.
Cadiz is.... how can I say it in words, magical, mysterious, old, rustic, quaint (you can get anywhere by foot), comfy, romantic, so so romantic, and tons of character!  The parks along the coast line are something out of a story book.  Gorgeous fountains, bridges, caves, water falls running into ponds, floral archways, private gardens, white benches, tiny dogs and their masters, and kids running all around you. 
The city/shopping area is screaming purple.  It's Cadiz's color (in my opinion).  They use purple paint on the street for car, all the shopping stores have purple shirts and jackets and jewlery in the windows, purple, purple, purple, no wonder I love it here!
Cobble stone walk ways and streets, old historical buildings, tiny cafe's serving coffee, tea and a million pasteries (yum mum umum umm), small streets with scooters zipping down, men playing accordians, africans selling boot legged DVD's and CD's, as well as knock off bags, cats, cats, cats, couples holding hands (young and old), church bells ringing.... I love it all!
I walked for 6 hours today around the city and was happy happy happy!  I fell in love with this place.  To me, this is Spain.... This is what I imagined Spain to be like.
I couldn't decide what pictures to post, so instead, I just made a web album of the pics I took today.  You can see all 101 of them here:

My homestay is a really nice lady named Juana, who lives with her husband (I think he's her husband) and her 22 year old son Manuel..  I understand some things she says, because she speaks slowly to me.  I like that!  Encarni spoke too fast for my brain.  The house isn't as nice as Malaga, but I think since Cadiz is a much older city, things are just a little older here in general.  I have my own room, similar to the one in Malaga, and we all share one shower.  I have a tiny toilet just off to my bed room, so tiny that you literally have to climb to the side of the toilet to shut the door.  Old style flushing too, I pull a handle.  (Why am I sharing details about a toilet? Its just interesting, don't question me!)

Tomorrow I start school at 9 am for my placement test.  After walking around the city all day, I'm exhausted.  My feet hurt, my back hurts, I'm just an old lady.  I need Amy V (chiropracter in seattle!)pronto :)

My room has a million and one movies in it (some in english), so now I am going to relax, watch a movie, have dinner and sleep!! zzz...  It's 9:30 am in Seattle as I post this.  Happy Sunday to you all!!  Enjoy your day!


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Carol said...

OMG.....It is beautiful!! It looks like a movie set or something. It looks really clean too. Is it pretty warm? What an experience for you! I'm glad you're having a good time.

Matt and Rachel left Seattle at 12:30 am (0030 24 hour clock) on Sunday 11-15-09 and are still in the air right now. They land in Taipei (?) and then arrive in Bangkok 11:15 am (1115 24 hour clock) on Monday 11-16-09. DANG!! They are 16 hours ahead of me, and 6 hours ahead of you cole!! They are going to be exhausted! But the have a 34 days to relax, (lucky-guys!) Anyway, I can't believe I have two kids in two different countries! You are both in my prayers. I love you. Love, mom xoxox